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KYWS-LP  92.9  FM

We are working towards our goal of offering the community of West Sacramento access to audio/video development and audio/video mixing tools that will allow them to develop the necessary skills to experience something like creating a YouTube video, a DVD or possibly even introducing them to a new career option. We have started building these resources and gaining the experience.  

Help lead the way by volunteering or donating to these efforts. 

Youth and Seniors


During this past year, after conversations with community members, we began to develop training programs for volunteers who had indicated they were interested in announcer and selected production positions. 

Community Focus


We are now actively recruiting for experienced announcers, show hosts, and partners for content development in the areas of jobs and community interest.

Radio Kyws-lp


Our station is celebrating its first year anniversary in March 2019. Because we are still a small organization, we have been focused on upgrading from a playlist based station to one using station automation software. To support this level of software we have 3 servers, 2 work stations and 1 laptop computer being used every day to support our daily broadcasting on KYWS-lp 92.9 LPFM.

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