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West Sacramento Neighbors Fair, Inc. (Neighbors Fair), a 501 c(3) non-profit corporation established in 2003, seeks to recognize and promote West Sacramento as a culturally diverse city with a rich heritage. Originally, the organization sponsored a free annual public, multi-cultural fair for seven years with the goal of educating local citizens about the various cultural traditions within the community, including the contributions of ethnic groups such as the Portuguese, Latino, Russian, Sikh, Southeast Asian, Native American and African Americans. 

In 2014, the Neighbor's Fair Board sought approval from the Federal Communications Commission for a license to operate a low powered FM broadcast radio station originating from West Sacramento. In March of 2015, the Neighbors Fair successfully obtained a construction permit issued by the FCC entitling it to proceed with the construction of radio station identified under the call letters KYWS-LP (Know Your West Sacramento) and in March of 2018 KYWS-LP began broadcast operations on frequency 92.9 FM.

Since 2016, the new leadership of Neighbors Fair, Inc. has been committed to continuing the mission and promoting the cultural diversity and heritage of West Sacramento. The articles of incorporation, bylaws and policies of West Sacramento Neighbors Fair, Inc., all support a broader educational mission that included operation of a non-commercial radio station and a dynamic online audio streaming channel.

President's Message

When West Sacramento Neighbors Fair began exploring the possibility of operating a broadcast radio station, I knew it could be a long journey and would require dedication and focus. The next few years tested not only my dedication and focus but also that of other members of our board and volunteers. 

I look back over our journey since we began our station operations and I realize that we had prepared ourselves and our organization to address a future that included strategies to educate and inform the local community about our rich cultural, social and economic diversity.

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